Doesn’t it make sense to design your business, your city, and your product to make a lasting and positive impact?

Smart cities are the key to creating a healthier, more sustainable world for our children and grandchildren.


Meats, poultry, perishables, and thousands of other food items must be protected from temperature excursions in a variety of environments, and this poses a significant quality management challenge for all parties within the food service supply chain.

RUBICS in collaboration with Microsoft – utilizing Azure Cloud services – is here to help by implementing Smart Food Safety Management system using wireless sensors & internet of things advanced technologies to capture, document, and report the temperature & humidity values to meet and exceed the FDA’s Model Food Code, thus ensuring the safety & quality of food 24/7/365 with instant alerts whenever a fault is detected.


RUBICS is a Lebanese company with regional presence founded in 2008 by a team of entrepreneurs. RUBICS has continuous focus on emerging technologies and their applications on the daily life helping businesses leverage their efficiency with remarkable return on investment (ROI) results.

RUBICS started in 2014 focusing on the rise of the Internet of Things and is now offering Industrial Internet of Things Solutions in MENA region.



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