We Help Your Organisation Take Full Advantage of The Internet of Things and Emerging Digital Technologies

IoT Consulting

We work with you to identify the real opportunities presented by the Internet of Things and build a robust road-map to secure them. Always focused on the targeted benefits, we support you from conception to the deployment and benefit realization.

PoC Testing

For success it is critical to quickly test and refine the concepts with stakeholders. We rapidly develop prototypes in hardware and software to allow innovative concepts to be validated and refined internally or with selected customers.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the organisational change to improved ways of working and thinking enabled by emerging digital technologies. The Internet of Things is a key driver for digital transformation. We help organisations identify where they need to be, what changes are needed, and work with them to make it happen.

Make Your ERPs & CRMs Smarter With IoT

Integrate your ERP/CRM with in-field Assets and Customers for Real-Time Asset-Tracking, Remote Monitoring & Proactive Customer Service 

Redefine Business Offerings 

Our team helps Enterprises build Systems of Intelligence using Azure IoT Platform to extract real-time insights from their business. 

We leverage our IoT services expertise to connect thousands of physical assets with Azure Cloud, Mobile devices & back-end ERPs/CRMs. Thus, enabling them to harness their enterprise data for creating differentiated competitive advantage, higher business value & highly improved customer satisfaction.

How We Work

The Internet of Things presents significant opportunities for business, but few companies know where to start. The increasing number of connected devices/solutions available and the lack of standards makes securing the benefits challenging. We work closely with our clients to determine the real opportunities and how to rapidly secure the benefits.