Pharmaceutical products must be handled and transported under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Even the slightest increase in temperature while handling the products can lead to deterioration, invalid results and considerable losses in revenue. This makes permanent monitoring of these critical parameters essential.

The European Commission has published Guidelines on Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for the logistics of pharmaceutical products for human use. Mapping, validation and monitoring of the Cold and Ambient supply chain are key to be in line with these guidelines.

Our transport and storage solutions help you to accomplish compliance with GDP, by providing certainty about the exact circumstances under which products or samples have been stored, handled or transported.

utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud services offers an environmental monitoring system specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. It helps to prevent contamination in clean-rooms and labs. 

Practice Drug Safety on the Go 24/7/365 like never before


Complies with FDA 21 IQ/OQ Validated

RUBICS Environmental Monitoring System can be validated for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Data is registered and logged according to the highest industry standards, ensuring integrity, security, and tractability.

Integration into Existing Lab Software

Our software can easily integrate with existing lab software and systems since it was specifically developed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry


Improve employee efficiency through the automation of manual and accident-prone tasks
Reduce drug waste to reduce operational cost
Act before it is too late and prevent reputation harm and customers loss due to spoiled drug

Why Choose RUBICS

Due to the following facts about RUBICS, In addition to our technical and commercial expertise, well-placed pricing strategy, we have a dedicated and entrepreneurial team that will not hesitate to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients:

Early Adopters of Internet of Things (started IoT practices in 2014)

Partners of Microsoft Azure Team

Using ZigBee as the Backbone Wireless Technology

2 Years Warranty on all Hardware (Made in Italy)

All Sensors have European Calibration Certificates

Utilizing the Efficient Cloud Services of Microsoft Azure

How we work

Smart Food Safety Management projects pass through the following phases

1 Install Sensors
& Gateways
2 Configure ZigBee
& Cloud Connectivity
3 Develop
& Reports
4 Maintain the

Reports & Analystics

The most important part of implementing an IoT system is to make use of the huge amount of data the sensors are generating periodically. RUBICS develops on top of Microsoft Azure analytical and business intelligence services advanced statistical and predictive models that will help in the "Decision Science" and enhance organizations' Pro-Activity in preventing future threats.