SQS recognizes as no one in the world by adopting transparent and honest business practices thereby generating immense goodwill with customers, employees, and society we operate in. SQS Goal is to manage, operate and sale properties providing the best service to our customers. We provide best Solutions with quality of services to our customers for optimal prices.

SQS is made up of multiple services, called solutions. Each service is expert in its respective discipline, united by our promise to provide total solutions in community service.



SQS is one of the most reliable and forward thinking facility management companies in Lebanon that operates with the motto of ‘prevention is better than cure’. 


SQS provides unarmed guards for a wide range of situations. We cover all aspects of human security services 24/7.


SQS provides an extensive property management service to owners of single units and those who own a portfolio of real estate assets in Lebanon. 

Why Choose SQS

Due to the following facts about SQS, In addition to our technical and commercial expertise, well-placed pricing strategy, we have a dedicated and entrepreneurial team that will not hesitate to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients:

Complete Facility Management Solutions

From core engineering services such as the complex maintaining of heating and ventilation systems, to a range of soft services including cleaning and landscaping services, we assure our clients peace of mind as we run their community and building maintenance operations seamlessly throughout its life cycle.

Complete Security Management Solutions

We offer round-the-clock man-guarding security services covering all types of industries, events and activities in work, residential and leisure environments. Our carefully hand-picked guards undergo regular and extensive internal and external training programs to obtain the latest skills and knowledge required to manage some of the most complex and busiest developments in Lebanon.

Complete Property Management Solutions

Our property asset, lease, tenancy and real estate Community Management services looks at your property from both an owner and tenant position. Our Property Management services aim to achieve the highest possible net operating income while protecting a real estate’s asset value and enhancing community living.

How we work

SQS sets high levels of standards and governance in order to deliver the expectations of all stakeholders; customers, people, supply partners and shareholders.

1 Observe Current Situation 
2 Develop Strategies & Plans
3 Implement With Accuracy & Detail
4 Monitor, Maintain & Improve