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Meats, poultry, perishables, and thousands of other food items must be protected from temperature excursions in a variety of environments, and this poses a significant quality management challenge for all parties within the food service supply chain.

RUBICS in collaboration with Microsoft - utilizing Azure Cloud services - is here to help ... Read More

Energy companies have an ongoing mission of helping drive success in economic development and growth for the world, while doing that they constantly face growing challenges, including: aging infrastructures, complex and interdependent systems, increasing regulatory controls and higher consumer expectations.

RUBICS in collaboration with Microsoft - utilizing Azure Cloud services – is here to help ... Read More

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Legacy applications are in-efficient to handle today’s data-explosion. Enterprises are constantly on toes to analyze competitive data. The data routed from sensors, smart grids, smart meters, RFID tags vary in formats and channels. The Conventional analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions prove to be extremely inadequate to handle this diversity in data.

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The Internet of Things presents significant opportunities for business, but few companies know where to start. The increasing number of connected devices/solutions available and the lack of standards makes securing the benefits challenging.

In order to adopt IoT, businesses need a strategy ... Read More

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Take control of your photo-voltaic installation and access energy performance anytime and anywhere on your smartphone or tablet

Live Energy Monitoring
Elios4You can measure how much energy you have generated and how much energy has been consumed and the overall household consumption in real-time
Increase Your Benefit
Discover the right time to activate appliances at your home and by that you shift your energy load from the paid grid to the free solar power

IoT & Water Management

Smart Water Management using Internet of Things Technologies

Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region, which is, according to the “United Nations Development Programme,” caused mainly by poor management of those resources, affecting around 1.2 billion people around the world. ... 

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